about us


What happens when related personalities meet?
Normally, a friendship is born.
But when those who meet are a passionate wine producer, a brilliant photographer and a wandering artist, the situation becomes more interesting.
Meeting point?
Hence, the Sea Bird 1965 project.


Nature has always been a generous mother. Sooner you understand this, sooner you get to the love and passion that animates our lives.

Sea Bird starts from the concept of simplicity. The glide of a bird that touches the surface of the water, free and elegant, the same feeling you have when sliding on a wave … flying!

Our main purpose is to highlight the passion and the strictly handcrafted work.


Sea Bird project is not a clothing brand, or rather, our project also includes a essential sportswear collection but does not stop there.

Our spring/summer clothing collection is inspired by the purism of the 50s / 60s surfing, with a mood that speaks of Italy and the young surf culture that lives there made of conviviality, style and true friendships.

But we also have artistic products, products dedicated to food & beverage and other creations that over time will come to life according to the inspirations we will have.

All these creations are linked by this main characteristics: craftsmanship, research of an exclusive product, 100% made in Italy, eco-sustainability.

All of this is followed by the concept of the product, up to its realization.



The Sea Bird clothing collection is made according to criteria that we consider sacred.

Our sweatshirts and t-shirts are part of a completely made in Italy artisan production, which starts from the creation of the garment model, up to the sewing of the label.

Our graphics are hand drawn by Iomal Art and are silkscreened one by one.

We personally and meticulously check the quality of the entire production process.

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