Fly Away


“Fly Away” represents the meaning of the name that it has been decided for the brand.
Mark and Antonio chose the name “Sea Bird”. They were inspired by a phrase supplied by a famous and iconic surfer from the ’70s: “Surfing is like flying”.

Get in the water for surfer is like flying away from problems that everyone has and leave them in the mainland.
Glide over the waves is like flying, turn into waterbirds that with their wings feel the energy of the nature and touch the waves surface.


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Color:  blue navy with Chia sand yellow hand silk-screened graphics.

100% cotton.

The product is designed and produced in Sardinia Island.


Size Chart*

*For production-related issues, it is possible that the measurements of some models may vary slightly from the data indicated.
However, this does not affect the final fit indicated by the size chart.

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